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Markets in Moscow. Playing backgammon at the Izmaylovskiy market
Playing backgammon at the market
Markets in Moscow. One of the stalls at Izmaylovsky market
One of the stalls at Izmaylovsky
Markets in Moscow. Soviet memorabilia
Soviet memorabilia

Izmaylovsky Market

M: Izmaylovsky Park then follow the crowds. Open every day until 5pm

Adjacent to the beautiful Izmaylovsky Park, this is the most popular souvenir market in Moscow, selling everything from old Soviet memorabilia to home-made woolen shawls and matrioshka (Russian dolls). At the back of the market, local artists display their wares and if you look hard, you can always find something you like. This is also a great place to buy DVD's and CDs at a good price.


M: Bagrationovskaya

Based in a former television factory, Gorbushka is a maze of aisles and stalls selling the latest release movies on DVD for $3.50, as well as CDs and Microsoft software for around $3. This place is also jammed with the latest electronic equipment and home appliances.

A visit to Gorbushka is a must if you are interested in music - you can find a huge variety of CDs here, at amazing price levels - and it's not just mainstream chart music on offer, but underground, rock, heavy metal and a lot of other alternative music not available anywhere else in Moscow.

Originally Gorbushka was not a market, but a community of record collectors and traders who used to meet on Saturday afternoon near Gorbunov culture club (hence the name). The community gradually evolved into a chaotic market that occupied the whole park around the club. The market was finally relocated to its current place about 5 years ago.