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A lot of small Russian food stores called "produkti" can be found all around Moscow and are great for the day to day essentials such as bread, milk and cheese. Kiosks lining the streets and underpasses sell drinks and snacks at all times of day, and there are a lot of larger, western-style supermarkets where you can buy almost everything, even your favorite brands from home.

Yeliseevsky food store in Moscow. Delicatessen


Tverskaya Ul.12 M: Pushkinskaya

Built at the end of the 19th century and renovated in 2004, this is a wonderful old Russian food hall which attracts visitors for its beautiful interior as much as the food! Slightly more expensive for day to day essentials such as fruit and meat, but there is an excellent delicatessen and good range of Russian chocolates, caviar and cakes.


Mega Khimki, Mega Teply Stan and others

This French hypermarket chain has several stores in and around Moscow, as well as in each of the Mega Malls by IKEA. See our shopping basket from Auchan which will give you an idea of the prices of day to day essentials. This is one of the best places to buy wine in Moscow.


Ramstore City, Leningradsky Prospekt M:Rechnoy Vokzal then shuttle bus

Huge western type supermarkets all over the city offering a big choice of Russian and European food at good prices. The largest of these is located in Ramstore City shopping centre where you can also find a good selection of other shops, restaurants and an IMAX cinema.

Sedmoy Continent

All over the city

A Russian food chain selling a mixture of Russian and European food. Several locations throughout Moscow.


Mega Malls, Smolensky Passazh M: Smolenskaya

Finnish department store with a "Gastronom" food hall. Higher prices than other supermarkets but great for things you miss from home!