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The Expat Community

The expat community in Moscow is alive and kicking and getting bigger all the time as more foreign companies arrive on the Russian market. The ones who have been here a few years seem to be reducing the number of expats as the experience grows within the local market, while new companies on the market still rely heavily on expats in key positions.

Meeting People

This is one of the few cities in Europe where you can feel totally confident in going out in the evening on your own to have a beer, knowing that you’ll meet some interesting people – it’s not unusual to see a CEO of a big multinational, a stock market whiz kid and a young English teacher shooting a game of pool together - at the end of the day, we’re all foreigners in Russia and most of us just want to make new friends, create a network of people around us and have a bit of a laugh.

Russian people are, at heart, very friendly and hospitable, although on the surface this doesn’t always show. Once you become friends with a Russian though, you really are a friend and they will do their utmost to help and support you in a way most Europeans never would.

One of the expat Rugby teams in Moscow Enjoying a summertime snack in gorky park
One of the expat Rugby teams in Moscow Enjoying a summertime snack in gorky park

What's there to do in Moscow?

This is a huge city with endless possibilities - whether it's sightseeing, theatre, sport, shopping, or just somewhere to grab a bite to eat, there is no shortage of things to do outside of the big blue box that is IKEA!

Further Afield

We all need a break from the big city from time to time, whether it's a quick day out visiting the countryside outside of Moscow or hopping on a plane to soak up some winter sun. Few people realize how beautiful the Russian countryside is or how close we are to the rest of Europe.