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General Security Information Russia in general has quite a negative reputation in the Western media - when was the last time you heard positive news about the successful young Russians making a name for themselves, the stunning architecture, the growing middle class, the good summers, and the excellent climate for Russian and foreign companies?

Quite often when we speak to our friends, they ask all kind of questions related to mafia (abundance), food (shortage), queues (long), bombings (many) etc. Living here, we have to ask ourselves, "Is this really the same Russia they're talking about, or is there a parallel universe with a second Russia?!"

So, is it safe to live here?

Nowadays it's like any place in the world and Russia is no more dangerous than any other capital city in Europe. For such a large city, crime is rare, especially against foreigners and you rarely hear of a purse snatching or robbery. Of course, you need to use your common sense and take extra care in crowded markets, on public transport and tourist hot spots. As for where we live, most apartments and housing compounds have good security with either a concierge or security guard on duty and like anywhere, you should avoid dark streets and certain suburbs at night.

Violent crimes involving mafia are reported from time to time, but their only concern is with each other, so it certainly doesn't affect our lives as expats! Also, with such a big police presence on the streets, Moscow seems like one of the safest places in the world.

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