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Moscow, Kremlin, Moskva river, centre of Moscow.

Moscow lies in the centre of what is known as European Russia and with over 10 million inhabitants, it's an impressive place. This is a city of contrasts - ancient monasteries and ultra-modern skyscrapers stand side by side, neon-lit ads share the skyline with monumental Stalin buildings, black shiny BMWs sit in the same traffic jams as the battered old Ladas, and new Russian millionaires sip cocktails in the latest cafe while poverty-stricken pensioners shuffle by. People says, "There's Russia, and then there is Moscow". It's like an exaggerated version of everything there is to Russia. Being a foreigner in this city is a challenging but incredibly enriching experience, and without a doubt, a very exciting place to be!

Life as an Expat in Moscow

What's it like living in Moscow as a foreigner? Hopefully we answer some of your questions here.

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City of contrasts - The old and new Moscow Life as an Expat in Moscow
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City of contrasts - The old and new Moscow